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Since years, the policy of TranzCom has been to work in rigorous respect for the environmental norms, and to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment. This policy has been translated in a proactive approach with measures like waste recycling, providing season tickets to employers using Public Transport, and taking in account carbon emissions in the choice of company vehicles.

At present, we decided to structure those measures in a plan for reduction of our carbon emissions within the frame of the “Carbon Performance Scale” certification.

This certification allows to objectively measure the progress made, and will be a useful instrument attesting the responsibility we want to take in this matter.

The declaration of the Management setting the objectives for carbon reduction is enclosed in attachment.  The goal is to reduce the carbon emission with 35%, taking 2012 as reference year.

Each employer of the company is invited to contribute actively to this carbon reduction plan by submitting regularly new ideas and propositions making it possible to reach the objectives. TranzCom also wishes to involve her suppliers and partners, urging them to act likewise.

Finally, TranzCom is committed to bring this theme forward in the working groups and corporations where she’s represented (Agoria, BECI, VOKA, UWE,…) in order to contribute with the whole sector to a substantial reduction of carbon emissions.