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Public Transport Solutions


TranzCom’s expertise covers the full range of radio communication infrastructure (TETRA/DMR/LTE), embarked rolling stock radio and voice equipment, driver consoles, mobile radios, telephony and dispatching infrastructure which allows us to design and integrate solutions perfectly suited for the needs of public transport. For every type of indoor environment, tunnel or underground environment which needs indoor radio or cellular coverage, we have the appropriate solution.

  • Smart Radio Cab (DMR, TETRA, LTE)
  • Smart Intercom
  • MMI
  • On-board Computer & Router
  • Smart Payment module
  • Radio networks
  • Dispatching
  • Passenger Information


We have many references such as RATP, RET, Infrabel, SNCB, STIB, De Lijn, SRWT and several train, metro, tram and bus manufacturers. More than 10.000 vehicles are already equipped with TranzCom smart mobile radio cab modules.

De Lijn has awarded Tranzcom the design, integration and deployment of a DMR Tier 3 network & dispatching  infrastructure, mobile radio’s and on-board cab radio’s. The new system will be based on regional multisite simulcast trunked technology, including more than 160 base stations and more than 4,000 radio modems. The system will be smoothly migrated from the current analog trunked network to DMR Tier 3 technology. Simulcast technology will ensure high reliability and optimized frequency use. The new onboard equipment will manage data and voice communication over DMR through Tranzcom’s DMRCab onboard module.