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ASTRID indoor coverage

In recent years the growth of mobile communications has meant that the provision of radio coverage has evolved from desirable to an essential requirement. 

Especially emergency services need reliable communications for efficient incident management and personal safety. By using repeater systems with distributed antennas or radiating feeders seamless internal coverage can be obtained (especially in confined areas). 
For every type of indoor environment (size of building, number of rooms, flexibility demands, etc), there is an appropriate solution.

TranzCom has a large experience in the supply of systems for indoor coverage:


- ASTRID coverage for the Diabolo tunnel of the NMBS
- ASTRID coverage in the parking of the station Gent-Sint-Pieters
- ASTRID coverage for the rail project Liefkenshoek of Infrabel/ B-Holding

- Many customers in industry, shopping centres, education, hospitals, local municipalities, police stations and fire stations...


  • ASTRID certified supplier and installator 

  • Personalized approach

  • Free study and budget

  • Specialised engineers

  • In-house installation service