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Soliton Systems

Our Partner, Soliton Systems is a Japanese technology company specialising in secure live streaming and IT Security.

This partnership allows us to increase our product offerings with the Smart Telecaster range of “Zao” products. The Zao products allow public safety operatives, including emergency services or transport orkers, to live stream video from mobile locations such as body cams, vehicles, drones or mobile surveillance cameras. In addition, they recently developed an android app that provides encrypted live streaming from a mobile phone and that recently won an Airbus Critical App award.

As the solutions are ONVIF compliant, encrypted live video can be streamed to a command and control room.

The Zao system operates by encoding the video to the latest compression standard of H.265, sometimes known as HEVC, and has the ability to live stream over multiple mobile 3G or 4G networks simultaneously. By using H.265/HEVC as a compression standard, the Zao products are 50% more efficient than traditional H.264 encoders. By using multiple 4G connections, they provide high reliability, even in areas with weak signal or that are congested with many users, though they can also be used with satellite and/or Wifi connectivit

The Zao solutions can be used in a variety of applications from tactical operations to covert operations. TranzCom can provide Zao-S demo units for evaluation and can give more information about the Soliton range of mobile live streaming products, including the encrypted live streaming solution of the new Airbus Tactilon Dabat device.