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Smart Intercom

Smart Public Transport Intercom Module with VoIP and PoE



The family of Smart PUblic Transport Intercom Modules (PUTIM) is based on two major products:

• PUTIM_BASE: Simple intercom module supplied by PoE;

• PUTIM_PA: Base module plus 2x2 channels loudspeakers for Public Address.


Its major features are:

• Software configurable;

• VoIP communication module;

• Noise cancelling;

• Simple and secure passengers interface;

• Small size; Low power;

• EN50155 & UNECE 10 certified.

Thanks to its complete mastery of design, TranzCom can adapt the PUTIM layout to vehicle design. When connected to TranzCom RadioCab , it provides a complete and secure vehicle audio and radio management function for rolling stock.