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Public Safety

In order to improve efficiency and accelerate decision making during critical missions, public safety professionals need reliable & secure terminals that work together seamlessly and share information effortlessly.

TranzCom is the market leader in terms of Tetra terminals in Belgium. As distributor of Airbus terminals and Swissphone pagers TranzCom has deployed more than 40.000 terminals.  TranzCom is a certified distributor, spare part and repair center of Airbus and Swissphone, providing you responsive and flexible services.  For optimum comfort and practicality, we provide an extensive range of accessories.

Tranzcom is selected for ALL the radio & pager lots of the new frame ageement of ASTRID (2018)

Our in-vehicle video acquisition and recording systems are robust in any harsh operational circumstance.

Public safety emergency and control centers rely on our radio and telephony dispatching, track & trace and geo-localization solutions