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Energy distribution

Power Quality Management

In cooperation with MR (Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen) our experts offer solutions in the field of reactive power compensation and reduction of harmonics in distribution and transmission networks (network studies). 

Our solutions both include engineering services and the necessary hardware.

We are able to propose compensation systems for all voltage levels and can serve all basic industrial sectors (paper, cement, steel, chemicals, glass, …) or the public supply companies.

The long-term experience acquired worldwide by MR in this technology is a guarantee for both economical and attractively priced solutions and faithful compliance with all voltage quality parameters defined by our customers. 

TranzCom is able to cover the complete range of Reactive Power Compensation Systems and components such as 

  • Low Voltage automatic reactive power compensation
  • Low Voltage dynamic compensation systems
  • Tuned filter circuits and special systems
  • Active filters
  • Modules, Power Capacitors, Filter Circuit Reactors, Discharge Reactors, Thyristor Power Module
  • Medium and High Voltage automatic reactive power compensation
  • Medium and High Voltage dynamic compensation systems 

We are at your disposal to carry out power measurements of your installations to evaluate the need and cost of a reactive power compensation unit adapted to your needs.