Industrial Storage

The world of energy, historically powered by fossil fuels, is rapidly changing towards more sustainable and renewable alternatives such as solar and wind. This energy transition creates new challenges, such as grid balancing and continuity in availability. How to store excess energy when demand is low and reinject it when peaks of consumption arise? And what about the stability of the grid? Energy storage is part of the answer to those challenges and a key part of the standard power supply solutions of the future.

At TranzCom, we offer our unique expertise in different battery technologiespower electronics, UPS and grid integration to support the energy transition.

From projects in power quality and grid balancing – to covering peak loads to entire off-grid solutions. But also from small-scale local applications of several kVA to large-scale container-based solutions of multiple MVA. Thanks to our high quality standards and flexibility in customisation, we’re able to deliver on the promise of energy transition without losing out on continuity and reliability. 


Our industrial batteries have a very high level of reliability and their trouble-free operation significantly reduces their total life cycling costs.

  • Ni-Cd Batteries & Li-Ion Batteries
  • Classic Lead-acid batteries

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